måndag 17 augusti 2009

Finally? I guess so.

It was a long time ago... Almost one whole summer holiday ago since i last wrote anything.

I will start to tell you about the festivals that we have around here. I have been to quite a few of them by now and they have been really awesome.

It is mostly a bunch of really cool fireworks and alot of good food. The last one i were at was apparently called "San man hanabi", i think. "San man hanabi" means 30,000 fireworks which meant they shot up 30,000 fireworks in the air. It was really long and really cool.

There is also good food around, last time i ate some sushi and some yakisoba, which is fried noodles, and it was very good.

Here is a video of some of the fireworks.

So anyone who is wondering, my school begins again the first of september. Or, well, the ceremony is like an hour on the 31:st.

I have done quite alot this holiday like going to Tokyo and Kyoto and im going to Osaka soon too, alot of traveling indeed.

When i went to tokyo i met a friend, it took a really long time to find eachother in the big "Tokyo Station". We went to Tokyo tower at first. Here is a picture of it, it is actually a copy of the french Eifel Tower except that its red-ish. It is really high and it was really cool to go up to the top.

Here is a picture of it and another one from the top down through the glass floor. (And yes, those are my feet, obviously).
After the tower we, me and Skye, called another friend we have in tokyo because we did not have any idea how or where to go.

We went to harajuku and met our friend and he showed us around a bit. Harajuku is kind of a shpping place i guess that is focused on young people. Since i have one like it but about 10 times as big in Nagoya it did not really impress me that much. From there we walked to Shibuya, a really cool place, and we walked around there for the last hours i were there. Shibuya is a place where there are alot of stores and things and alot of people just standing around or walking around.

Here is a picture of Shibuya.

More coming soon

söndag 16 augusti 2009

Yay, Not much left now...

I am going to write something but now its too late... gotta sleep... just hold on another 10 hours.

lördag 18 juli 2009

By the way

This pic of the day thing doesnt really work out for me, but i will put up pictures when i find something to take pictures of. There is nothing more to photograph here in or around my house :P

Summer holiday...

Ok, now i have summer holiday, all my friends are busy with clubs... So... I have one and a half month with nothing to do.

I am going to tokyo towards the end of the month, alone, to meet a yfu friend.

Other than that i dont know what else to do... Im too used to this place now, its like in sweden, i have seen all the interesting places and i know them.

But its allright, im gonna find something to do.

fredag 17 juli 2009

Yay! Finally! Summer Holiday!

SO, i finally got summer holiday now... its really great!!
I am going to tokyo towards the end of june, and right now i am going to see the new harry potter movie with my host mom and host sister.

torsdag 16 juli 2009


I feel there is no need to write or upload anything if there is no-one who reads my blog... Therefore i have taken a break until people start reading again.

måndag 13 juli 2009


Umm... A yellow house in the middle of a street full of white houses.